Sunday, August 28, 2011

Temperature's Rising

It's been four straight scorching days of over a 100 degrees in the San Fernando Valley and there is no signs of a cool down. Yesterday we thought of getting away so we took a 20 minute drive south to downtown Los Angeles. We checked out the Grand Central Market which was at the bottom of the historic Angels Flight. Don't know much about this cable car of sorts but it's been here for some time and was shut down for a bit due to some casualties (You know I didn't hop on that thing). It was definitely a nice change of scenery but it was still hot as hell and on top of that we were out walking around. Next time we are headed to the beach!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


First time ever having this dish and it didn't disappoint. There's not too many Puerto Rican restaurants here in LA which could be a result of a smaller population. We have a Mexican restaurant in every square block and I can be sure that New York probably has the same when it comes to Puerto Rican food. Well I'm glad I gave this a shot...plantains, pork and a gang of garlic how can you go wrong? Check out our waiters tat, that's some crazy love for your country.

My lil niece came by later that evening for some ice cream and you know I had to add a shoe shot.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dayz in the Desert

A long over due vacation was in play this past weekend. Not much of the gambler nor do I hit the "clubs". My time is spent pool side, eating great food and splurging on material things (kicks?)lol

Please excuse the amount of wides angle shots I've been posting.
Alot of what I post in here are snap shots so you basically get my perspective as I saw it. 

Arrived safely and nothing says home like fried chicken.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The "B' side

Not much going on as far as post worthy material is concerned. I mean how can someone say they're too busy but there is absolutely no recollection on what made the days seem so short and not have enough time to finish everything. Time sure flies and I blame all of it on age which go hand in hand with responsibility lol. Think about it, remember those summers back in the day that lasted an eternity or just hanging out with the boys over the weekend. Weren't those the best?
Sure felt like time was a bit slower back then and there was no care in the world. Now we have schedules and routines to follow which in turn leads to an accelerated pace of life. I guess you can call this the "B" side. You know the side that has too many fillers and maybe one or two cuts that you actually like. Well that's what it is...a daily routine filled with schedules and deadlines. So every now and then we must break break away from the norm. Speaking of which, I'm headed to Vegas tomorrow. Pics upon my return...