Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.

The title is a quote taken from Albert Einstein. It's something that struck me and found it so fitting to what I'm going through.

On February 27th I played my normal Monday league game and during the scond half I experienced an odd pain on my right knee. I've always had soreness on my knees but never quite like this so I was a bit worried. I tried shaking it off and continued to finish the game, I even played an extra hour because the team that played after us needed a player to fill in. That was probably a bad idea. A week later, the pain was still evident so I decided to make an appointment with my doctor. X-rays were taken and it didn't show anything but she speculates that it might be a meniscus tear. Bad news right? Well, It was suggested that I take some time off and see if the pain subsides. Perfect timing I guess, since I was headed to Boston for my annual business trip. No physical activity for about a week, nothing but eating and drinking. Here are a few pictures to break it up a bit.


Fast forward to two weeks...I must say that my knee feels a lot better but It's definitely not at a 100%. An MRI was finally requested and results show I have some cartilage damage that which will require surgery. What makes it worst,that it's not your normal scope clean up but microfracture surgery. Ouch! Check out this video to get an idea on what was done (not the actual video of my procedure) The surgery was done last Friday 05/18/12
  So basically what's going to happen here is that a lot of my future entries will be related to my recovery. I'll still post my normal every day stuff but this way it will keep me motivated to post more often. Wish me luck!