Friday, February 5, 2010

Field Trip...

Well that's what Karen called it. Every year we take off from work to do our taxes and fortunatley this time we got done early.
First mission was Food, we drove around for a bit and ended up at the historic Philippe's've been doing French Dips since 1908.

So we head to Olivera St. for a bit. I lived in LA almost all my life and this is my first time going. Lots of street vendors selling everything from belts, wresting nacho libre masks, toys and food (too bad I was still full)
J town Lil Tokyo was the next spot(Check out the parking meter that takes plastic) I frequent this area due to the RIF a dope consigment store in LA Check them out if you're ever in the area. Finally we head to the Fashion District. Now this place is a world of it's own! I wish I was able to take more shots...I had one crazy lady already trippin coz she thought I took a picture of her.

Till next time